Le Chant du Monde
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Angelo Debarre is an exceptionally virtuoso proponent of the Gypsy Jazz guitar who honed his chops accompanying Raphael Fays when only 13 to become a regular performer at the La Roue Fleurie nightclub of Paris. He also routinely pops up as guest on albums by groups like Bratsch and Arbat. Ludovic Beier studied accordion under Josiane LeGoff and was musically shaped by guitarist Arguyris Loulouris at the Aphrodite's Club. On Swing Recontre, the two retrace a format previously popularized by the Gus Viseur and Jo Privat formation, as well the various Ferrés and Reinhardts. They meet and collide for a sparkling outing that adds Michel Delacroix on rhythm guitar, Antonio Licusati on double bass and Frederic Rottier on percussion for two tracks and Jean-Paul Jamot on bass for one track.

Recontre's 14 numbers thread together Swing valses, straight chasers and stompers, Brazilian-inflected bossas and include standards like "Nuages", Manoir de me rêves" and "I can't give you anything but love". It's high-level cafe music; feel-good Monmartre bistro ambience; foot-tappin', heel-stompin', head-boppin' stuff. Its two soloists are energetically matched to play up a storm and time flies when two masters have each tune in their pockets and obvious fun with the material. It's not that often that accordion crops up as a steady solo counterpoint in guitar-dominated Manouche Jazz these days. Swing Recontre thus is a nice addition to one's Parisian corner of the music library and an excellent way to spend an hour in the couch or on the verandah, nursing an espresso or amaretto while imagining a solo visit to the City of Lights and all the possible adventures awaiting there...