An October 1 e-mail in my inbox announced that "Scandinavia Audio Design or SCAD showed their new products at the Arken/Gothenburg Hifi show in Sweden in September 2008. The Arken hifi show is Scandinavia's biggest hifi show. SCAD's focus was on the new Cantabile CD turntable, a top loader with separate power supply, 16-bit DA converter, TCXO (temperature-compensated crystal oscillator) clock and tube output stage. The price for the SCAD Cantabile is 2.600 euro.

On show also was the SCAD Vigoroso, a horn loudspeaker with 97dB sensitivity based on a 15" JBL woofer and B&C HF unit in a wooden horn priced at 4.500/pr euro. The cables used during the hifi show were from the SCAD Distinto series. The SCAD team consists of Claes Millby, president and head of sales, Bernt Jansson, chief designer and Stefan Bystedt, manager. For more information, please visit (Incalzando integrated below).