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ver·tig·i·nous, from the Latin vertiginosus, from vertigin-, vertigo - characterized by or suffering from vertigo or dizziness

Regular reader Russell Dawkins: "Hi Srajan, I thought you would enjoy these photographs. Hard to believe the very antique paraphernalia on the bench top was not put there by a movie set designer. I seem to recall a mention in 6moons about this speaker but a quick search turned up nothing, so this may or may not be news. [Actually, we did post this in our news room months ago but once aged news are purged, they're truly off the server and no longer to be found - Ed.] Seems to me the surroundless idea is not new, though - I believe a Japanese company called Sano made one in the 70s and it was a 30 kg monster. Exact copied it."

Below Russell's note was another, this from between him and Gill Gagnes which shed further insight: "Hi Russell, yes you were close to Jean-Marie Semblat's place. He's in Sigean, near Bezier, Mont-Pellier. I'm sure you had a nice trip in France. I went there 2 years ago and I'm thinking of going back in August but the high euro makes me think twice. I'm a retired teacher; I'm helping out Jean-Marie with the sale of the Fertin in Canada and the US; it's not a business, more a passion for audio. About 1.5 years ago, Jean-Marie came out with this new design; decoupling the cone from the basket. He uses a carbon wire that goes around the cone and some other carbon wires to keep the cone centered. From what I heard, it works well (the carbon wires do their job).

"Now for the sound: the dynamics are greatly increased as is the acceleration factor which for the 20ex Model 7 is 732 compared with 459 for the 20ex (regular model). The AP13ex (13cm) has an acceleration factor of 1330. Jean-Marie says that it also reduces the cone breakup, thus less distortion. Also you get more bass; they go as low as 25Hz. The sound is greatly improved as for detail and clarity. But this you have to hear yourself. Jean-Marie says that a few minutes of listening is all it takes. The only requirement for a surroundless driver is that the amp must be a transconductance design with a high 8-ohm output impedance and that you be gentle with the volume knob. You need 10 clean watts from your amp. Radio France (a state-owned French radio station) will be using the Fertin 20ex Model 7 as a replacement for their studio monitor. The picture attached above is of Jean-Marie Semblat, the creator of Fertin.

I'm certain that those readers so inclined will have enough here to call Google their uncle and get busy with the keys...