DirectGrace Records at RMAF 2008
Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2008 will host an important announcement from Peter Ledermann, President and Chief Designer for The Soundsmith Corporation, Peekskill, New York. Peter will be launching the release of his first audiophile-quality vinyl records. This is no ordinary event. This laudable new venture DirectGrace Records will be donating proceeds of the sales directly to benefit the lives of street children all over the world.

Peter's inspiration for this endeavor was sparked by a fortuitous meeting with Len and Georgia Morris on Martha's Vineyard ten years ago. Len and Georgia Morris are accomplished documentary filmmakers (see Galen Films website), having produced two films about the plight of these children: Stolen Childhoods, Rescuing Emmanuel (trailers can be seen here). Len and Georgia spent six years traveling around the world to make these documentaries. What is so moving is that they literally sold their primary asset, the Galen Films building, and used up their life savings in dedication to this project! Now Peter and a growing number of new acquaintances are on the same mission to make the world aware of the terrible plight of enslaved and abused children around the globe.

Peter's special contribution to this effort was facilitated by a fateful meeting with Carl Rowatti of TruTone Records at the last New York Home Entertainment Show. Carl walked into Peter's demo room at this show and after finding out about the project, ended up selling two of the legendary Neumann VMS 70 record cutting lathes to Peter at the beginning of the summer. Since then, Peter has purchased all of the necessary recording equipment and has made some wonderful recordings of very tastefully selected artists.

If you ask Peter, he will tell you that God has been running this project. He is meeting fascinating people and they are coming onboard to help with an attitude of total commitment. Five albums have been made so far, including one with Jon Pousette-Dart who will be performing live at RMAF sponsored by Soundsmith. Other releases include Bill Frisell and Doug Wamble. Albums should be on the Soundsmith website very soon.

One way for audiophiles attending RMAF to help out with this worthy cause is to participate in a silent auction that Peter will run at the show. He will be auctioning individually handmade dubs from the digital safety files on his computer (which are 96K/24bit). Please go to the Soundsmith room number 442 and help out if you can. You may also be pleasantly shocked by the superb quality of vinyl playback in this room...