Warning: Crass capitalist self promotion to follow.
Kinda. It is promotion but not self. 6moons reviewer Ken Micallef is a full-time writer who contributes to various publications like DownBeat, NPR Jazz, Onstage, Modern Drummer, Spin, Musician and others. Meaning Micallef makes a living writing - when he makes no living drumming as he did for 15 years before his pen replaced the sticks to grow the cashish. But for Ken, drumming and writing naturally are separated by mere degrees only. His just released Classic Rock Drummers "is an instructional/historical book covering all the great classic rock drummers like Levon Helm, John Bonham, Charlie Watts, Stewart Copeland. Their styles are analyzed, both historically and technically, and music examples and bio information is also included. A CD of audio examples accompanies the book".

As the above sample chapter shows, each drummer is showcased with a bio, gear & setup, style & technique, a checklist of key traits as an innovative musician and a concluding lesson based on a few samples of that drummer. Hadn't it been for fellow moonster Michael Lavorgna who passed in mentioning that Ken had published a book, I would not have known. Needless to say, Micallef has supported 6moons with his reviews for years, it's only fair to return the favor and present his book to our readers now. Though I'm inclined to think, Ken would simply holler "Beat it!" and return to his drum kit or hammer away on his keyboard instead. Bravo Ken!
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