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Some audio products are a breeze to write up. Their effect on sound quality and musicality is so bloody obvious, there really isn’t all that much to say. The Bybee Stealth Purifier offered by the folks at Tweek Geek is one such perfect example. The Stealth is the latest version of a continuously improved power-line conditioner. The case is custom machined aluminium with black-anodized top, bottom and side panels with a custom milled black aluminium faceplate.

My sample featured three Furutech GTX-D gold outlets and one Rhodium version GTX. I loved the way the Furutechs clamped onto my power cables as well as how smooth they made inserting or removing power cords. Most outlets convey the feeling of metal scraping on metal. Not here. I am told that the GTX is one of the finest receptacles on the market. They had better be. They retail over $200 apiece. There are a number of possible outlet combinations available including the Tweek Geek Blue rhodium-plated copper receptacle. I was impressed with the angled layout of the outlets. That was a welcome relief when using wall-wart power supplies and certain unwieldy power cables.

The rear mounted power switch is of the heavy-duty 15A circuit breaker variety. Other than a small blue front-mounted LED, there is little to see on the exterior. The same is true under the hood. Most components are encased in four epoxy-filled boxes. Internal wiring is 10 gauge multi-strand annealed copper courtesy of Waveform Fidelity Cable. Also visible was the liberal use of Dynamat damping material on the case cover, ERS cloth on each outlet cap stack and a WA Supreme Power Chip attached to the circuit breaker.

See here for the full skinny but essentially, the Stealth uses a four-stage filter network. This includes Bybee Super Effect Quantum Purifiers on hot and neutral AC, a standard Quantum Purifier on the ground leg, a proprietary capacitive filter network, dual ground filter and a surge protection circuit designed by audio guru John Curl. Each outlet receives its own isolation and filtering via Gold Bybee Slipstream Purifiers and a capacitive filtering network.