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Reviewer: Paul Candy
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Digital Source: CEC TL51X transport,Asus laptop, Win 8, J. River Media Center 19, JPlay 5.2,John Kenny JKSPDIF Mk3 USB-SPDIF interface, Audiomat Tempo 2.6 DAC.
Analog Source: Well-Tempered Lab Amadeus with DPS power supply, Pro-Ject Tube Box SE phono stage, Ortofon Rondo Blue MC cartridge
Amp: Audiomat Opéra Référence integrated
Speakers: Jean-Marie Reynaud Evolution 3, w x REL Q108 Mk II subwoofers
Cables: MIT Magnum M1.3, Sablon Audio Panatela,Light Harmonic Lightspeed USB cable
AC cords: MIT Magnum AC1, Sablon Audio Quantum Gran Corona & Gran Corona, Wireworld Aurora & Silver Electra
Stands: IKEA, Grand Prix Audio APEX footers w/ silicon nitride bearings, Skylan damping boards, homebrew birch plywood boards, Gingko Cloud 10
Powerline conditioning: BPT Pure Power Center with Wattgate, Bybee Quantum Purifier and ERS cloth options, Blue Circle BC86 MK5
Sundry accessories: Acoustic Revive RR-77, Audio Magic/Quantum Physics Noise Disruptors, Caig Pro Gold, Echo Busters acoustic room treatments, Isoclean fuses, HiFi Tuning Disc Demagnetizer, Nitty Gritty record cleaning machine, Soundcare Superspikes (on speakers), dedicated AC line with CruzeFIRST Audio Maestro outlets.
Room size: 11x18x8’, long-wall setup, suspended hardwood floors with large area sisal rug, walls are standard drywall over Fiberglas insulation
Review component retail: $5’999

Tweek Geek’s Bybee Stealth Power Purifier popped onto my radar via Sablon Audio’s Mark Coles whose power and audio cables have greatly impressed me. A short email exchange later and a Stealth Power Purifier was on its way north to the land of snow. As I have stated in previous reviews, PLCs have been a bit of a hit ‘n’ miss for me. Whilst I usually do hear improvements in sound quality and musicality (not always the same thing), I generally don’t pine for them when they leave unlike, say a loudspeaker or amp.

Furthermore, I don’t believe I’ve ever come across one that made nice with my Audiomat valve amp. Either dynamics constricted; or tonal balance shifted out of whack. Where many see powerline conditioning as a crucial component to their systems, I’m a little reluctant to go that far.

Maybe I live in an area blessedly free of severe mains pollution? Or perhaps the power supplies of most of my components are a tad more robust than others? O so I thought.