Ongoing equipment reviews by date of publication year 2008
December 2008
The Awards of 2008
Astintrew At2000
Nubert nuVero 4
Favorite 2008 Discoveries
System Review: RWA & WLM
JohnBlue Audio Art JB4
Mark & Daniel Mini +
Ancient Audio Single Six
Neeper Acoustics Perfection One
Octave V-80
AudiaZ ETA
Thorens TD-550
November 2008
Furutech Powerflux cords
Blue Circle BC707
Everything But The Box Terra II
300B Redux
Elekit TU-879S
Esoteric X-05
Zu Audio Definition 2
Esoteric X-03SE vs. P/D05
Emillé Labs KM-300 SE
Wadia 170i transport
Triode Corp. 300B integrated, monos and CDP
Acoustic System Int. Tango R
LessLoss Dynamic Filtering Power Cord
Musical Laboratory* Paeonia & Bosanghwa
Yamamoto Sound Craft YDA-01
October 2008
Classe CA-M400 monos
Get BetterSound - A book review
Nanotec Golden Strata #302 nano 3 power cord
Wyred4Sound SX-1000 monos
An introduction to Van Medevoort
Kondo Gakuoh
Haigner Rho
Geithain ME150
JoLida JD-9A
clearaudio Nano
Red Wine Audio Isabella
Stahl-Tek Vekian
September 2008
Ascendo C8 Renaissance
audiodata carré II & soutien 2+
Accustic Arts CD Player I MkIII
NuForce Icon
NuForce Icon System
Shanling PDA3000A
Fonel MC Symphony
Yarland FV34CIIISA
SMc Audio VRE-1
August 2008
Duntech DSM -15
Ray Samuels Audio Predator
Abacus Rieder Ampino
Creek Audio Wyndsor
AuCantus V8F
July 2008
NAD C315BEE & Onyko A-9355
JCT Heritage AB
Phonosophie: A Tuning Visit
NuForce P-9 & Reference 8.5V2
Omega Loudspeakers SuperHemp
Myryad MXP 2000 & MXA 2150
Scheu Analog Premier II & Cantus
Acoustic System International Liveline, Take 2
Octave V80 and HP500 SE
RoadTour Exit 2, Again
Dr. Feickert Analogue turntable
JohnBlue Audio Art JB8
MastersounD DueVenti & DueTrenta
Basis Audio Signature 2800 with Vector 4 arm
RoadTour Exit 17
June 2008
Nanotec Golden Strada #201 nano 3
Acoustic System International Liveline
Esoteric C-03 + A-100
Expolinear T-220
KingRex SLAP
Passion &ound PSi15 + PS3
RoadTour 16: Komuro's VT-52 amp
Studio Electric T3
WLM La Scala
May 2008
Trafomatic Audio Experience Reference
Legend Acoustics Kumbar Wirri
Manger Zerobox 109IIe
Leben CS660P
FirstWatt F5
Garrard 301: Another restoration
Dodd Audio Preamp
Funk Lap-2 & MTX Monitor
Style Audio Carat HD1V
Yamamoto A-09S
Woo Audio Model 5
Genesis GR-360 Reference Amplifier
Schumann Resonance Revisited
ModWright LS/PS 36.5
Mark & Daniel Aragorn
Silent Source The Music Reference
Acoustic Revive RGC-24, SIP-8F and QR-8
April 2008
Elac FS247
Duevel Planets
Naim PowerLine
Robyatt Audio Ridge
Cable Research Lab Gold Interconnect
Zu Audio Denon DL-103
Ayon Audio CD-1
Xavian XN360 - An Introduction
Audience aR1p
Nuforce Icon
March 2008
Esoteric P/D 05
Genesis G7.1P
Acoustic Revive quartz tweaks
ModWright Transporter
Fonel Simplicité
JohnBlue Audio Art JB3
Qables iQube
Audiosmile Super Tweeter
Thorens TEM 3200
Magnat RV1
Sennheiser PXC 450
GEM Analog Dandy record cleaner
Acoustic System International Sugar Cubes
Glow Audio Amp One
Tound T0.4
Musical Life Shale Platter Mat
Whatmough P33 Signature
February 2008
WLM Grand Viola Monitor
Zu Audio Presence
Pass Labs XA30.5
Bryston 10B-Sub
Sugden A21SE
Acoustic Zen Adagio Jr.
Spendor S8e
Lenard Audio Sarabande
Audio Space Pre-2 & Nova M-34
Leben RS 28CX
Genesis G-928 subwoofer
Cullen Circuits PS Audio Link DAC III Stage 3
Nanotec Music Strada #79
Quadral Phonologue C Rondo
January 2008
Boulder 865
Audio Horizons Phono Stage
Acoustic Solid Classic Wood
Rolling Capacitors
Ocellia & NFO Cables
Esoteric SA-10 & AI-10
Sonics Allegra
Silent Running Audio Craz Rack
Acuhorn Rosso Superiore 175
Avantgarde Acoustic Model 3
C.E.C. TL53Z
Podium Sound Model 0.5
JAS Audio Bravo 2.3