Ongoing equipment reviews by date of publication year 2007
December 2007
Klangwerk Ella
AV123 Strata Mini
3 phono stages by Aqvox, Holfi & SAC
Gemme Audio Vivace
Esoteric SA60
AstinTrew at3500
Bryston 28B-SST
Red Wine Audio Signature 30.2
Synergistic Research Tesla Series
Abbingdon Music Research AM-77
Audiomat Opera Reference
Myoss 3+ 4
Underwood HiFi Shanling CD-3000 Level-2+
Burson Audio P-100
Coda Technologies CX, CSX, CSi Limited & 0.5X
Tenor Audio 350M
Analysis Audio Omikron
November 2007
Eryk S Concept Ketsu S
Mark & Daniel Maximus Mini & Apollo II
ISEM Audio eGO Phase 4
A.R.T. Emotion Signature
Unity Audio Whitewater, Inner Spirit and Clearwater
Unity Audio Cables 'n' Cords
Green Mountain Audio Calypso
Red Wine Audio 70 to 70.2 partial upgrade
Mactone MA-300B
Art Audio Vinyl Reference
Bel Canto Design PRe3, S300 and M300s
Paul Speltz Zero Box
Wharfedale Opus II-3
Blue Circle Audio BmPH + BC6000PLC
October 2007
Trafomatic Audio The Experience One
Rethm Saadhana
Nomad Audio RPD
Labtek Exclusive
Winsome Labs Mouse
ZeroOne Audio Mercury
Esoteric MG-20
Mark & Daniel Topaz & Sapphire
The Cartridge Man Music Maker Classic
Usher Audio Be-718 'Tiny Dancer'
Audiolab 8000 Q + M
Ocellia Factory Tour
East Sound CD-E5 Signature Edition Prime
Podium Sound Model 1
Shindo Laboratory Monbrison & Cortese
September 2007
Weiss Engineering Jason + Medea
absolut audio absolut perfect
IsoTek System Enhancer CD
Zu Audio Cables
Furutech deStat & Disc Flattener
Lessloss DAC 2004
NuForce Reference 9/9SE V1 vs. V2
Raysonic Audio CD168, C200 and M100s
HiFi Tuning: Fuses and more
RoadTour 15: Altec, Hartley, Open Baffles & Burgess
DIY vs. Commercial: WLM & Furutech cables
FirstWatt F4
Mark & Daniel Maximus Monitor Revisited
ModWright LS-36.5
AudioSpace Line-2
Apple iPhone & Shure SE530pths
Kondo KSL-LP interconnect
DaVinci Audio Labs Grandezza & Intonation
DIY Cables: White Lightning Moonshine
Nanotech Music Strada GS 79 nano #3
Vinyl Setup Guide: The Guru Papers
Epos M16
KingRex T20U & Pre-Amp
August 2007
muRata ES105
Merrill-Scillia Research MS2
SilverFi Sundry Cables
VTL 7.5 Series II
RoadTour 14: Komuro's 212E monos
Ken's Budget Rig: Fatman iTube, Music Hall CD 25.2, Rega R3s
Sonics Argenta
Yushang Audio Classic 6.6
RoadTour 13: Bill LeGall of MillerSound
Grand Prix Audio Monaco Modular with Paul Candy
July 2007
WLM Grand Viola Signature MkII
Crusade Audio TV Connectors
Music Lover's Digital: HagTech, 47Lab +
DeVore Fidelity Nines
Yamamoto Sound Craft Equipment Rack
McCormack UDP-1 Deluxe
Volent Paragon VL-2
SoundQuest SQ12
RoadTour Exit 12
Fi 300B monos
Mark & Daniel Maximus Monitor
DIY Paradise: Monica, Maggie & Charlize
Counter Ringing: Enacom & OCOS
Stylos Sys HAD
Kingrex T20
June 2007
Eera DL2
Einstein The Light In The Dark
RoadTour Exit 11B
Sony The Radio
Almarro A318B
GutWire SP-series cords & SI-6 interconnect
Machina Dynamica Intelligent Box
Systems & Magic BlackNoise filters
Tent Labs DIY CD player
Shakti Innovations Hallograph
Hyperion Sound HPS-968
May 2007
Paschetto Analog Engineering 2008
Eddie Current Zana Deux
Navison Audio NVS-003G
Melody Valve Hifi SP9
Slappa Interlink
Atoll CD/IN 200
Kharma Matrix MP150
Song Audio Cecilia | Loth-X Ion Amaze
Norvinz: Opera Audio Cyber 211 & Lamhorn 1.8s
April 2007
RoadTour Exit 11
Balanced Headphones: Part III of III
Merrill Zigmahornets
PS Audio Power Plant Premier
Empirical Audio Spoiler DAC
RoadTour Exit 10
JPS Labs Superconductor 3
RoadTour Exit 9
Balanced Headphones: Part II of III
March 2007
Micropure Kotaro
NuForce S-9
JJ Electronics 2A3-40
Qinpu A-1.0X
Esoteric AZ-1
RCA Connectors: A Shoot-Out
Balanced Headphones: Part I of III
Abbingdon Music Research CD-77
Kallisto Audio Sinfonia 300
Hornshoppe The Horn
Oracle Audio CD-1500
Navison Audio SE-MkI & NVS-211s
The Outside Files: Altmann Attraction DAC
Zu Audio Druid Credenza
Underwood Hifi | Bel Canto Design e.One Ref 1000 Level-2 modified
Feburary 2007
Music Lovers Series: Harbeth, Leben
Firenze Audio Rosso 460B
Trends Audio TA10
WLM Duo 12
April Music Aura Note
Nanotech Nespa Pro
The Outside Files: Yamamoto/RWA Sig 30
Metronome CD4 Signature
WLM Diva Monitor
Jan Allaerts MC2 Finish
Music First Audio Tap
ASA Monitor Baby
Music First Audio Tap
Red Wine Audio Signature 70s
Acoustic System Revisited
Moon Audio Level-2 Original CD 2008MkII modifications
January 2007
Gregitek Stab 1 + Aerius
Sehring S700SE
Photon Cannons
Ancient Audio Lektor Prime
Meet new reviewer Frederic Beudot
FJ Om Revisited
SoundQuest Isol-Pads
Art Audio: Diavolo vs. Symphony II
Music Lovers Series: RedWine Audio modified Olive Musica
Auditorium 23 SoloVox
darTZeel NHB-18NS
Bel Canto Design DAC-3
Empirical Audio OffRamp & Benchmark Media DAC-1
Grado Labs GS-1000
Michael Fremer's 21st Century Vinyl