Ongoing equipment reviews by date of publication year 2003
December 2003
Audio Zone PRE-T1 & AMP-2
Harbeth Monitor 30
Furutech eTP-80
Ohm Walsh Micro Tall
Naim Audio NAC-112 & NAP 150
Argent RoomLens
Duevel Bella Luna Diamante
Furutech Digi. Reference
Omega Mikro Planar Ebony
Welcome New Reviewer Ken Micallef
Marten Design Mingus III
Audio Magic Xstream power cord
Klimo Classic Line Merlin Plus
Unison Research/pcX/Underwood HiFi Unico
November 2003
Manley Labs Neo-Classic SE/PP 300B
Magnum Dynalab MD-90t
TEAC Esoteric DV-50
Combak/Harmonix Reimyo DAP-777
Song Audio SA-34 SB
Silverline Audio Sonata III
Perreaux Radiance Series R200i
October 2003
BPT BP-3.5 Signature
TBI Magellan VI-su
Quad QC-24 with Level-1 Mod
Music Hall Maverick with Level-1 Mod
Odyssey Audio Lorelei
Dan A Digital 108dB
Bel Canto Design DAC-2 Follow-Up
Meet new reviewer Phil Gold
September 2003
KR Audio Antares VA320 Feature Review
Eastern Electric MiniMax
Sonic Euphoria PLC
Meet new reviewers Marja Vanderloo & Henk Boot
iLungo Audio Crescendo 205S
KR Audio Antares VA320 Preview
Meet new reviewer Les Turoczi
Meet new reviewer Jeff Day
Art Audio Carissa Feature Review
Meadowlark Audio Kestrel2 Follow-Up
Running Springs Audio Haley
Hamada & Hayashi Labs Contact Enhancers
Houston HiFi Mini-2 integrated amplifier
Grand Prix Audio Formula platform
August 2003
Stereovox HDXV
Bluenote Demidoff Signature
Coda-Continuum Unison 3.1 Limited
AUDIOPAX Stereo 88
Meet a new reviewer: Edgar Kramer
Meet a new reviewer: John Potis
Balanced Power Technology BP-2+
Meadowlark Audio Kestrel2
Art Audio Carissa: Sneak Preview
Shanling SCD-T200 Level-1+
GutWire Notepads
Paul Candy's Crappy Audiophile Alter Ego
July 2003
LAST CD/DV Cleaner/Treatment
Audio Tip: Controllable Variables?
Stax 3030 vs. 4040 systems
Shanling SP-80
Music Maker II MM Cartridge
Audio Zone AMP-1
Bel Canto Design PRe6
June 2003
VBT Magellan VIII FollowUp
SLAPPA software storage solutions
Ortho Spectrum AR-2000 & DR-3000
Walker Audio Precision Motor Controller
Coda-Continuum Unison 3.1
Analysis Plus Power Oval 10
Black vs. Gold and Green CD/R blanks
May 2003
Ortho Spectrum ML-206 "Musicalizer"
Avantgarde Acoustic Trio/Basshorn system
Rogue Audio Model 88 Magnum
VBT Magellan VIII
Bel Canto Design DAC2
Hadcock 242SE tonearm
Sophia Electric S.E.T. 300B MkII
April 2003
Shanling T-100 tube CD player
Music Hall MMF-25 Follow-Up
Cairn Fog v.2 24/192
Diva Audio Tian Zhu
Artistic Audio Vacuum Reference IC
Shunyata Research Guardian & Diamondback
March 2003
Zanden Audio Model 5000 MkII
Musse Audio MiniMax & PureMagic
Walker Audio Velocitor
BVaudio PA300
Audiomeca Mephisto II
Audio Magic Mini Stealth
Edward Barker - From London
February 2003
Music Hall CD-25
47Lab Shigaraki System & Konus speakers
Konus Audio Essence
Mike Healey's Audio Journey
Grand Prix Audio Apex Part 2
47Lab Shigaraki Amplifier
47Lab Shigaraki DAC & Transport
January 2003
Coincident Speaker Technology Victory
Cain & Cain Studio BEN
Grand Prix Audio Apex