Resistencia 192

A flamenco trio with guitar, cello and percussion. That in itself isn't completely unique so what does Jerez Texas offer differently? First off, the group started as a live band that turned lots of venues in their native Spain upside down. With their backgrounds in flamenco, classical music and jazz, Ricardo Esteve, Matthieu Saglio and Jesús Gimeno know what it takes to be entertaining.

Their first recording Sao gives an impression of the wide musical spectrum the three work in. Sao is a fine melting pot of flamenco, classical and latin with a hint of jazz. With the addition of some musical friends like Osvaldo Jorge on percussion, singers Isabel Julve and Josep Aparicio "Apa", accordionist Carlos Sanchis and Gabriel Saglio on clarinet, the trio expands their reach. How about a Spanish version of the Serge Gainsbourg classic "Couleur Café"?

All 10 tracks have a pleasant touch of lightness and one can imagine just how a live performance can be terribly exiting when they really go for it. In the studio the musicians remained calm of course but their instrumental skills got full freedom. From blazing flamenco riffs to long bowed cello chords and subtle percussion to fierce tabla and accordion play with Isabel’s voice, Sao is not disappointing at all. Alas, mastering has flattened most songs to the 0dB ceiling, leaving a mere 8dB for average dynamic range.