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Jerry Gonzáles is a master trumpeteer equally skilled at Cuban-style drums as he is at playing his horn muted. Niño Josele is one of Spain's current Flamenco guitar virtuoso. Together, they trade Jazz riffs, Latin song motifs and inspired improvisations on Piratas del Flamenco. The stunning vocalist Diego 'El Cigala' of Lagrimas Negras fame makes appearances in two numbers while Israel Suarez 'Piraña' sits in on cajon and tablas on most tracks. The concluding 9-minute jam of "Obsesión" adds Andy Gonzáles on bass, Israel Sandoval on e-guitar and the Piratas del Flamenco choir as Cuban-style backup chorus.

Heavy on Latin percussion and improvisation, sparse on everything else by virtue of being essentially a duet, this album is a very moody instrumental clash of Jazz, Flamenco and Cuban styles, with more than one nod to Thelonius Monk and Paco de Lucia. "Al Abordaje" is a 3-minute percussion-only meditation between Gonzales' congas and Pirana's cajon while a bit of overdubbing elsewhere has Jerry spar with himself on trumpet. Devotees of Miles' Sketches of Spain will feel right at home as will lovers of the kind of minimalist Jazz that gives its two main protagonists plenty of room to take off. The rhythmic accompaniment is predominantly Latin, the guitar work is clearly Flamenco, the trumpet work is Jazz - and it all comes together beautifully as though these styles had been bed fellows all along. Viva la global village where Candoble drumming gets mixed up with a Flamenco lover of American roots and nobody thinks anything about it except "cool!"