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Whenever a melting pot potpourri is attended to with taste and style, the outcome is more than the sum of the ingredients. That is certainly the case with DuOuD’s Wild Serenade. DuOuD -- duo ud if you like -- are two young Parisians with a North African background. Jean Pierre Smadj was born in Tunisia and Mehdi Haddab in Algeria. They both started their musical carriers in that special musical environment found in Paris where ethnic influences mix with strict electronic beats.

Not completely satisfied with this genre, they started to compose their own music based on the oud, that angled-neck lute that forms such a big part of the North African, Turkish and Middle Eastern world. To get additional rhythms to their acoustic and electric ouds, the two Parisians fell back on electronics, albeit also as melody makers rather than plain boom-boom beaters.

Wild Serenade combines the beautiful sounds of the ud both Smadj and Haddab have mastered with an electric cello, a violin, electric guitar, drums and percussion and of course a computer. The musical styles involve African roots mixed with the music heard in the streets of Paris. DuOuD do not shy away to quote the heavy electronics of Georgio Morroder’s "Chase" from the sound track of Midnight Express only to play a traditional tune as the next track. DuOuD thus plays well outside the ranks of other ethno-beat producers like the ones heard on for instance the Buddha Bar compilations which are more soundscapes than listening music. DuOuD’s modus operandi is definitely one with a far deeper cultural understanding and thus comes highly recommended.