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Three years in biz and, let's see - mods; amps, a remote-controlled tube preamp; a DAC; an optional headphone module; interconnects and speaker cables. What Red Wine Audio still lacked were speakers. Clearly ambitious, Vinnie Rossi now has those as well. But, he was smart enough to not get into loudspeaker manufacture himself. Rather, he collaborates with his Austrian importer who just so happens to be a fully mature loudspeaker house: WLM. By squaring the circle and becoming the US importer for WLM, Vinnie builds on a proven synergy; strengthens the bond between two companies doing business together; and gets into the enviable position of offering his customers a complete front-to-back system solution whose sonic performance he can vouch for.

Says Hannes Frick of WLM: "Here we love vinyl and tubes. A few years ago, we began to import and distribute Almarro for Europe. But not all our customers want tubes. So I was looking for transistor electronics that would come close and which I could package with our speaker. Despite all the reviews, I was very doubtful that Red Wine Audio's T amps would really deliver. While I personally still prefer tubes, Vinnie's Signature 30.2 turned out to be one impressive achievement so I signed on. With the Isabella plus Isabellina DAC, he's now truly hit my nerve. That combo with his amps is stupendous, period. In fact, I'm so smitten that Vinnie and I have already been talking about experimenting with battery conversions for certain of our WLM active crossover and compensation components. Mind you, that's still in the concept phase and vapor ware at the moment but it should tell you just what I think of Vinnie's ears and abilities."

Added Vinnie: "In my dealings with Hannes, I've come to know him as a straight shooter, passionate music lover and level-headed business man who does what he says and says what he means. When he reported back on how well our products worked together; and when I read up on some reviews and his company background; I got excited about the prospect of duplicating his success in Europe here in the States. Naturally, I still had to listen for myself so I ordered select samples. It took very little time to know and agree - our electronics and WLM speakers produce the kind of sound I've always wanted to sell.

"Naturally, many customers already own their dream speakers. From experience, we know very well just how many brands of speakers our amps are driving in music lovers' homes to date. But there are also many music lovers who have no access to audition quality components where they live. They must rely on reviews or recommendations from friends. Because my customers have already trusted me with at least one purchase to know that our ears are in alignment, it made sense for me to have a line of well respected, mature and high-quality loudspeakers which I could package with our electronics for a "Red Wine Audio approved and guaranteed" end result. WLM lacked US distribution when I began to explore these options so the timing was right. I will show with WLM speakers a the Denver show and Hannes and I will collaborate in Las Vegas in a joint exhibit. We're very excited and believe that many of our customers will be, too."
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