Then it was time to relocate to the other show with downtown Brussels' Sheraton Towers the venue of choice. As high-rise city dwellers, we began at the top floor to work our way down. From the Transtec room one had a nice view over Brussels while the inside with Vivid and Wilson wasn't too shabby either.

Small and beautiful were the Duevel Planets and they sounded much bigger than the dimensions suggest. On top of that, they are a bargain of a deal.

BNS is a Dutch loudspeaker company that now offers two complete lines. Here they were showing a hand-crafted prototype. Omnidirectionality for the midrange is achieved via an inverted dispersion above the driver. The two owners of BNS can justly be proud.

A small room and a small system were to be found around a Melody amplifier

Zu Audio made it to Belgium and found a distributor in Opera Audio. Alain Luypaert and his wife struck up a good thing we expect.

Mission and Jean-Marie Reynaud loudspeakers played with Atoll Electronique in a big room full of mirrors reflecting more than just the visual image.

Van Duppen is another Dutch loudspeaker brand. They showed their latest brainchild and we really have to hand it to people who are looking for new speakers. With so many good sounding makes and models on the market, it is not easy to hear them all, let alone make a decision. Even if you limit yourself to just Dutch designs.

Von Schweikert VR4-Sr, KR Audio Kronzilla and Pluto 12A - with this combination, Niko of import house Eurogram could not be far away. And he wasn't. As always, he let the music do the talking. Good man, Niko!

"It's only a few hours drive" seduced Thomas Duevel [below] of the omnipresent and omnidirect loudspeaker make. While having a nice conversation with him, we were surprised by a sound we had not heard in any room yet - dynamics, tone and bite. No wonder, just around the corner in the hallway, in front of the elevators, a string quartet had commenced its impromptu programme.

Both of these small shows were pleasant and offered plenty of nice equipment, new and familiar nice people and of course music. Let's hope that next year, there can be a single combined show. That would benefit everyone.

Next up Paris, then Denver, with Srajan doing Warsaw and Christian covering Vienna...