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Hubba, hubba... DiscHub. Bah. Say goodbye to stacking. Stay nekkid and outa the box. 11's the magic number, neoprene the slit you stick it in. Curious? I'm talking about a 7.5" long upside-down V channel with neoprene-lined two-story ribs to store your favorite eleven CDs or DVDs in without having to first put 'em back into their jewel cases. Available in white, clear, charcoal or blue, it's the enlightened man's guide to laziness. You know, buy now, pay later. Just imagine the state of our economy if people had to -- gasp -- pay cash for all of their acquisitions. Detroit would be a ghost town, real estate something people did way back when. To prevent that, lazy is the act du jour. If that describes your software storage habits too (and scratched discs piled one upon the other), check out the DiscHub. Designed by someone with a very fancy name on a very fancy campus -- Alex de Rouvray at Stanford -- and protected by both a US and European patent, you might think cure for cancer or subatomic particle accelerator. Alas, it's merely a little yet practical gizmo. And you can afford to buy and pay now - $12 per unit to be precise.

If you're a gamer or computer user who loads plenty of daily software CD/ROMs rather than crowding his hard drive with applications, this space-saving solution could be your ticket to an organized desk. If your top-loading high-ender CD transport is hidden beneath piles of open CDs, toss their jewel cases, put a few DiscHubs in place and voilà - law, order, convenience and protection from scratches all within easy reach.

What, you need more contrived verbosity to describe what clearly is a clever and affordable software storage solution? Sorry bubba, I'm fresh out of advertorial copy. Hubba, hubba, hubba.
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