Schiit Loki Max

Maximum loco – That's Schiit's new Loki Max [$1'499], a remote-controlled multi-band EQ with pure LC filters executed fully discrete and with a balanced output stage. Bandwidth is 2Hz-1MHz -3dB so insertion will cause zero related losses. Max output is 10/18Vrms on RCA/XLR respectively. Output impedance is 75Ω. There are six inflection points at 20Hz, 120Hz, 400Hz, 2kHz, 6kHz and 16kHz. Adjustments range from ±6dB to ±12dB depending on the band. Each is independently adjustable with a motorized front-panel pot or by 18-button remote. Inside are four nickel-core chokes, 72 relays and Schiit's single gainstage Nexus™ topology with ±32V rails for good headroom. Even bypass is available by remote and microprocessor control automatically turns all the pots back to up to three user-settable presets for easy comparisons from the chair. Go loco, Loki or low key; your call.