Maggie Carta

Maggie Carta – Now available in the UK is Magneplanar's LRS aka little ribbon speaker [£995/pr]. "While Magnepan's previous entry-level offerings were a sample taken from the lower end of what Magneplanars can do, the LRS is a sample taken from the upper end. The LRS is a full-range quasi-ribbon speaker created from the ground up to give a pretty good idea what to expect from the brand's flagship 20.7 or 30.7 models. It was designed using high-end electronics and monoblocks so while it still performs nicely with an integrated amp, it will really give you what you came for with some high-end high-current amplification." The LRS is a 14.5x48x1" WxHxD 4-ohm speaker of 86dB sensitivity and 50Hz-20kHz bandwidth in a 2-way planar format.