Loke not Loki – Wilson Audio's new compact subwoofer [$8'750] is still a trickster. Inside the 50kg X-Material box of 52.7 x 35.24 x 55.25cm HxWxD dimensions hide a number of tricks well beyond 500 watts of power and a front-ported front-firing 9.8" woofer. Key features of Wilson's ActivXO outboard crossover are said to have migrated so there are adjustable 30-125Hz low/high-pass signal paths, 0-10msec hi-pass delay in 0.1msec increments, 25-40Hz subsonic filter, parametric EQ, 12/24dB slope, phase and sub level all via multi-function knob and LED display or PC-based GUI via USB. i/o are on XLR and RCA. Published performance specs are 20-250Hz bandwidth ±1dB, 98.4dB S/NR and less than 1% THD at full rated power. An auto setting uses signal sensing to shut down the device after 20 minutes of non-use. The company's own footers handle decoupling from the floor. Standard box colors are gray, quartz and carbon, $1'000 upgrade colors ivory, diamond black and crimson satin. Grill color options are black, blanco, mocha, slate grey and Lemans blue.