Innuos PhoenixUSB

Like a phoenix from the ashes – The Innuos PhoenixUSB [€2'499] offers in one unit the equivalent of three separate components: a USB regenerator, a linear power supply and an external master clock with its own linear power supply all trickled down from their Statement model. "The USB chip regenerating the signal contains no switching regulators. All three independent voltages to the chip originate from an independent linear power supply with further regulation provided by three sets of LT3045 regulators. A 3ppb OCXO clock runs directly at 24MHz and connects via a board track just a couple of inches away from the USB chip. No precision is lost within cables and connectors as is the case when using an external master 10MHz clock with an additional 24MHz clock generator. Two independent Statement-level linear power supplies are dedicated to the OCXO clock and for powering the USB chip/5V USB line respectively."