iFi Audio GO pod

The iPod is dead. Long live the GO pod – It's how iFi Audio turn wired IEM into wireless wonders [€799 – €1'399 depending on bundle]. To that end they collaborated with 64 audio, craft ears, Meze, Symphonium and Westone to sell bundles with select IEM of those brands. After the first 1'000 combos, raw GO pods will sell with "loops for MMCX and 2-pin IEM, Pentaconn, T2 and A2DC connectors" to mate with other IEM. There's a charging case with rechargeable 1'500mAH battery. A pair of GO pods is said to last for up to seven hours on a charge whilst the case will refill them multiple times for up to 35 hours of total go juice. Qualcomm's Snapdragon handles Bluetooth 5.2 with QCC144 processor. Supported codecs are LDAC/HDC up to 32-bit/96kHz. The Cirrus Logic MasterHifi DAC has five user-selectable digital interpolation filters. The volume control is analog, the built-in mic augmented by Qualcomm's cVC noise suppression tech. There's true wireless mirroring and the analog output stage is balanced and discrete. For more, visit the linked product page.