Enleum AMP-54R

R-rated Studio 54 – That's Enleum's brand-new AMP-54R [€25K], their 100wpc flagship amp with latest JET3 bias controller and two option cards of a current-input phono stage and streaming DAC with Toslink, coax and LAN inputs. Whilst transformer power increases 25% over the Bakoon AMP-51R precursor and power capacitance doubles in dual-mono configuration, case volume nearly halves to just 7cm height with a foot print of 40x40cm. And even that should really read foot shadow as the amplifier floats on a compact central transformer cowl while along each side of the belly run two rows of five exposed capacitor heads. Given lack of apparent manual controls, is access by remote exclusively? Not. Two hidden knob on the front of the belly control gain and inputs.