Cube 2024 novelties

Getting cubed² – You can with Cube Audio's new Lotus 10 [€21K/pr] and Jazzon v2 [€9.5K/pr], a 1½-way and 1-way floorstander respectively based on the company's 10" widebander tech with multiple whizzers. New to both is a 4-position tuning switch to adjust the full-range driver to room acoustics and tastes. As usual, Cube Audio's Munich show demos will use Tektron tube amps from Sicily. The Lotus gets a next-gen main driver with redesigned magnetics, new diaphragm geometry and voice-coil former; plus a woofer which parallels its lower reach and uses the same cone material and treatment. The impedance reflected to our amp is 6Ω, sensitivity 89-95dB depending on switch position, response 25Hz-25kHz. Dimensions are 30x53x105cm WxDxH and weight is 50kg. The new Jazzon is a nominal 8Ω load with 88-92dB sensitivity, 30x40x94cm dims and weight of 35kg.