Ancient Audio Silver Grand Mono II

16-watt 300B – Parallel single-ended that is; in mono for two amps and two external power supplies. It's Ancient Audio's new Silver Grand Mono II [€40K], a refinement on 2005's originals. "Those weren't just our flagship but in many reviewers' opinion one of the best amplifiers ever made. So there was no reason to change a good design, just refine certain details. Mechanically all four enclosures now mill from solid at Champion H&C of Taiwan. Then we take advantage of the huge progress made in parts like much faster semiconductors and superior electrolytic capacitors. We also upgraded the silver ribbon wiring to a multi-wire Litz that's still solid silver in Teflon dielectric. Finally we use the very best V-Cap CuTf coupling capacitors. Voilà, our second generation of statement valve amps."