Aavik C/P-580

Avec = with – Aavik's electronics line just got even more with it by adding separate pre and power amps to the roster. Packing the company's best noise-suppression tech of tesla coils, analog dither modules and anti-aerial resonance coils, the top-line C-580 preamp exploits light-dependent resistor tech for its input board and attenuator to avoid noisier contact switches and relays. It includes an optional analog lo/hi-pass crossover [€4'000] for 2.1 subwoofer integration without digital latency but separate gain controls for each filter leg. That feature predicts a forthcoming Børresen sub or two. The P-580 power amp again uses Pascal's UMAC class D tech with a switching power supply. While the lower-spec 280 [€12'000] versions use the same wood-composite chassis, only the 580 models [€25'000/ea.] get inner copper liners and titanium resonance control. Other differences concern the amount of noise-attenuating parts included.