20th Anniversary

20 big ones – A 20th anniversary in business is what TAD Audiovertrieb, Germany's audio import house and brand, celebrate this year. For the occasion, they've teamed up with Rega in the UK for an exclusive turntable [€999] limited to 500 units. It's fitted with a Rega RB330 arm and pre-mounted Elys-2 cartridge. The only available finish is gray. A separate Neo-PSU supply provides power and an EBLT belt delivers it from motor to 12mm Floatglas platter with black felt mat. The aluminium footers of the plinth derive from Rega's Planar 6. TAD's logo gained buck antlers to commemorate this special 20th anniversary edition. Included with the ready-to-play turntable is the smoked-glass cover shown.