Album Title: Craig Green + David King
Performers: ditto
Label and #: Long Song Records LSRCD 108/2008
Play Time:
Recorded: 2008

Drummer/pianist Dave King is the kind of brave-hearted musician who can swing sweetly one moment, then just as quickly erase any notion of splang-a-lang from his vocabulary as he smashes his kit to sawdust and pulp. As in his band The Bad Plus, King makes defying expectation his mission on this collaboration with guitarist Craig Green. But Green and King don't simply play guitars, drums and occasional piano. They bang on gongs, trample foot pedals, slide combs against strings. There are multiple paths into their music, which is entirely improvised and typically open to interpretation.

It works well in the semi-pastoral "Walk Left", with Green shaking his guitar neck to create glowing skittering effects while King plays piano like some son of Monk set afire. They cross sentiments and meet in lyrical moments. "Rock, Paper, Scissors" is equally fascinating, its martial snare drumming and eerie treated piano recalling Chinese warlords pillaging a feeble village. King scalds the senses on the speedy "Part 3", ripping his brushes like Elvin Jones as Green's guitar produces menacing tones like some diseased Duane Allman. Sometimes their collaboration is more "beat it with your fist" (to quote Frank Zappa) than massage your temples as in the noisy "Faux Hawk". Less would have been more on that particular track. Thoroughly listenable though, King and Green never overstay their invitation. They know exactly when to pull back the kimono and expose a bit of skin, peaking our interest just enough to keep us hanging around.