It’s high time to explain AudioBarletta.
Roberto's zodiac sign is Taurus. Logo and branding are self explanatory once you know that. The question remains, why were his workers dressed in these particular black T-shirts? AudioBarletta the brand is quite new and Roberto wanted to show it off as a new operational thing. He succeeded with me. AudioBarletta connects only to drivers. Our Italian gent is in business with a certain Italian speaker manufacturer who also are his driver supplier for top-tier models like the Orfeo. Often Xavian use ScanSpeak but for their statement products, it becomes AudioBarletta. There is some similarity between the two but AudioBarletta drivers have different suspensions, baskets, membranes and aluminium not plastic phase plugs. Only the motors are shared. Let’s move to the attic…   

… which can’t be shown, sadly. Here all basic Xavian models live for now, some of them nearly 20 years old. Many prototypes Roberto designed store here. Some of them are rough wooden cases, atypical colors, crazy variations and so on. Instead I was taken to the highest part of the building, its tower. It serves as a storage place for things only occasionally needed, like a huge stash of flat-packed cardboard boxes. There's also what's left of Roberto’s very first amplifier; and several season seats for the Xavian crew.

Now we are back on the first floor to finally sit down in the listening room for a proper chat. This is fairly small room, full of different models from current production. It’s cozy, with a couch and table stacked with discs. The Perla were set up whose sound I really enjoyed. Roberto opined that a huge part of this performance was due to the Norma Audio electronics. Marvelously looking devices, both inside and out, perhaps when the time comes, I'll check them out inside my own four walls.

And that’s it. As you saw, Roberto Barletta has prepared lovely environs for his manufacturing operation. All things considered, this kind of place might be a dream come true for many other speaker companies Our Italian engineer has reason to be proud. Cheers.

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