The temperature decreased rapidly to fairly cold. This room wasn't yet finished. After a quick chat, it all added up. Xavian moved to this mill just two years ago. In such a short time, it was impossible to kit out everything. This unfinished room will serve as a gallery, a kind of show room filled with every model Xavian ever made. Many of them have gathered over the years. Another nearby room was almost done. It’s a 50m² space with wooden floors, lots of light and irregular wooden blocks on the ceiling. I wasn’t wrong asking whether this will become a proper listening room. Roberto smiled and nodded affirmatively. After several minutes, the whole crew appeared. That's eight people in total including the boss. All are full time. And this was the end of the first floor. With the help of 100-year old wooden stairs, we moved to the most dusty ground floor.

Here one encounters much dust, noise and sundry, with lots of machines everywhere, each connected to huge bags filled with saw dust. One thing was already certain: Xavian had all the tools to work quite independently. Capacitors, drivers, PCB and similar lesser elements and wood imported from Italy aside, Xavian are as self-sufficient as this kind of operation can be. Even parts ordered from Mundorf or ScanSpeak are often heavily modified to meet Roberto’s demands and specifications. Let’s move upstairs now to the 2nd floor.

Several rather large spaces are here. To the right side of the stairs, it's wood-work time. Staves are being dried, glued together and assembled into robust cabinets. Lots of shelves hold enclosures more or less finished. This is a pure cabinet shop.

Yet what can be almost instantly seen are technical drawings in translucent foils. These in fact are the assembly instructions for each and every product Xavian make. Each model must follow what Roberto designed, measured, calculated and laid down. No shortcuts are allowed.

There's also a rather large hall full of shelves with cabinets ready to be progressed. But not only that, there also are fragments of stands with products packaged and measured ready to be shipped. On the opposite end of the hall there’s another fairly small room. Here lacquered boxes are being dried but also finished cabinets which merely await their drivers, crossovers, damping, wires and terminals.

Here it all comes together. Lots of screws are on the shelves, bass-reflex ports, capacitors, drivers, PCBs and other elements crucial to Xavian's business. Drivers galore.

Here crossovers get soldered with Mundorf. part yet proprietary accents can be seen as well of which Xavian capacitors are merely one.