"There's definitely something rustling behind your curtain, Adolf." - [From Max the movie in which John Cusack as Jewish gallery curator Max takes an interest in struggling artist Hitler as played by Noah Taylor.]
With Trafomatic Audio's Sasa Cokic going places as chief engineer for WLM's new valve audio line, one might assume that his own Trafomatic Audio line suffers now from lack of attention and ongoing innovation. Not so.

Responding to a custom commission for monaural black/gold Experience Ones
with upgraded tubes, Sasa just completed the above Experience One Reference monos. "They are similar to the Experience One integrated you reviewed but with a better power supply (double C-core main transformer), a separate heater transformer, an added EZ80 rectifier for the ECC81 supply and of course the Emission Labs 2A3. This really is the best tube. Unbelievable."

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Basic specifications include an output power of 4 watts, output impedance of 8 and 19 ohms (the latter customized for Avantgarde horns), input sensitivity of 1.5Vrms,
THD of 0.4% @ 1W/1kHz; 2.0% @ 4W/1kHz, frequency bandwidth of 10Hz-60kHz ( -1dB | -3dB), S/N ratio of 82dB, input impedance of 100 kohm, power consumption of 150VA, dimensions of 390 x 260 x 160mm and weight of 14kg.

Though a smaller outfit as chronicled in our RoadTour Serbia chapter, Trafomatic is wonderfully adaptive when it comes to pleasing their customers. The added advantage here is being in the transformer winding business. When it comes to iron, nothing Trafomatic does is ever off the shelf. Instead, it's specifically designed and created for the intended application. While many cry the caterwaul over dwindling business opportunities in the present eco crunch, team Sasa demonstrates that resourcefulness and going the extra mile remain as valid a recipe as it's always been to get and stay ahead - even when 'ahead' means nothing more than paying the bills to keep living a life of doing what one enjoys doing.

"The reason I love working with Sasa is not just that he's a brilliant valve audio designer. I love working with him because he's super responsive, never takes criticism personal and always gets the job done no matter how hard his country's infrastructure (or really, lack thereof) might make it on him. You can't ask more from a man than apply himself 110% without fail. Sadly, finding quality collaborators and suppliers is getting harder each year. The Trafomatic Audio folks are as solid as they come." [Hannes Frick, president of WLM]
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