This gent has the nightmarish job of thinking in Matrix-style multiple dimensions while designing his circuit board layouts.

One desk over, the mechanical engineer countered by flipping through a few of his exploded Nagra 300B pages.

And to show that humor remains an essential ingredient to all seriousness of purpose, the parting shot might reveal what really goes inside that tranny cover - double cream from Gruyère. Actually, it's silicon damper.

As a heavily engineering-centric company, Nagra is predictably at odds with the measured performance of single-ended zero-feedback valve circuits. Hence they will only ever work in push/pull. It's safe to predict that once their 300B integrated bows sometime in 2010, it'll be a very unconventional take on the genre indeed. For those who can't wait that long, the MOSFET Stereo Amp or MSA is ready for audition now.