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Qinpu has got to be Chinese for 'cute'. These miniature components certainly delighted my female companions.

Raidho teamed with Bel Canto and VTL and alternated a controlled demo between their X-5 flagship and smaller C2.

Raysonic Audio's Steven K.L. Leung showed his new CD-228 two-box and CD-238 one-box top loaders.

Rega upheld the British loudspeaker tradition.

Ruark did, too.

Scandyna's pod speakers reminded me of B&W's pod series from years ago. Or were these the ones?

Sheng Ya's was another very professional exhibit with impressive product of which only some shared certain design cues with the Thorens brand Vincent which Heo Zhuo Jian and his wife Zhang Ming Hua OEM. Considering the photo of the Sheng Ya factory in their top-shelf brochure, these folks are a major player which the West simply hasn't discovered yet - under their own brand name.

Shuguang is China's largest manufacturers of electron valves and as indicated earlier, we're planning a visit to their facilities in 2009 to report properly on this important company.

Shunyata cables coiled promising behind glass doors.

Soundfield showed the SF-1 100wpc integrated amplifier and matching SF-2 CD player.

Sunfire had the expected subwoofers and newer ribbon-touting monitor speakers.

T+A from Germany had interesting source components.

Tannoy ball-roomed it too with a massive showing of classic and modern models.