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How will we be remembered? By the amount of toys we owned? Or by how many people attended our funeral? And how many more were saddened to learn about our passing and remember us fondly for help rendered, friendship shared, advice given and company enjoyed?

In the John Cusack flick Serendipity, his best friend is an obit writer for the New York Times. He tells John's character that in Grecian times of old, the only true measure of a man's existence was whether he had lived his life with passion.

In that sense, John Potis was a true Greek. And while he didn't swallow Hemlock as did Socrates, he did battle cancer and passed away last night. John's audiophile reviewing career predated his SoundStage! tenure on the first audiophile Internet forum. He then wrote many reviews for us over many years before contributing to Positive Feedback Online as a result of an argument I had with him over some of his postings on Audio Asylum.

We were both firm on our positions and John handed in his resignation. In retrospect, he must have already been dealing with his medical condition and was likely even more uncompromising than usual to follow his own light. Bless him for that, for his countless efforts on behalf of the enthusiast audiophile community and for his treasured contributions to our site.

So how will we be remembered when it's our turn? For John, I can't say about those closer to him than our Internet association. But I'm certain that the 150,000-or-so readers who visit our site each month will have much enjoyed his writings. Most of them won't be at his funeral. But in spirit, they very well may be. And that would be one large gathering to remember a man by. Never mind all the people John fed in style at the country club kitchen he supervised as the resident chef. And, finally, his family and closest friends for whom this loss will be hardest, particularly at this time a year which is traditionally spent amongst family and friends.

On behalf of John's fellow writers at 6moons past and present and my wife and I, we extend our sincere condolences to John's family and friends. We honor him by sharing with you below the list of reviews he penned for us over the years. Rest in peace, John. Thank you for your friendship and support!

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