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Thanks to our dutchies Marja & Henk for bringing this to our attention. As an equipment review editor, I'm keenly aware of the difficulties of "keeping tabs" in today's globalized markets. When manufacturers submit items for review, we always assume, in good faith, that they own the right to said products (and that these products conform to the electrical and safety codes of the countries they're sold in). Should we happen to know that a product solicited for review is a gross rip-off of another, we of course refuse to review it. But, chances are high that we won't always know because in audio, the real inventions tend to hide beneath the covers where it takes circuit analysis to make the call. With the above, it takes no experts. One thus marvels at the brazenness and lack of respect this maker and his distributor show the original inventor. Naturally, unless Mr. Tchang is willing to spend money to legally defend his patent, this kind of behavior goes unpunished. Sad but true. It could make certain very creative souls think thrice about going to market with a cool new thing. Which would be a shame. Kudos then to all who continue to brave this particular aspect of business conduct in capitalist societies where making a buck by hook or crook is king. Does that - um, resonate?