The obvious advantage of burrowing into the wall? You remove the physical cabinets and their colorations of what, to recreate conventionally, would require quite the cemetery of serious monkey coffins and space-loss mourners. In fact, the intrepid designer experimented with stuffing the 24-incher inside a transmission-line cabinet. According to Ramsey, the infinite baffle loading of the final solution performed considerably better. Hover your mouse for brief picture commentary.

The central array The central array again Monster woofer with Raven outboard ribbon to left and JBL super tweeter below

The other in-vantage? The electronics controlling the transducers can be placed invisibly behind them on the other side of the wall, speaker-cable connections shortened to their optimal lengths. Once you see what's hiding from view, you'll appreciate the ingenuity and necessity of this arrangement. We're talking literal banks of hardware. To wit:
Four PSE Studio 5 amps to power the 24" and 18" woofers with 200-into-4-ohm sand watts; two KR Audio Antares 52BX SETs for the 10-inch Hartleys; Velvet Touch EL-34 monos for the planar-magnetic panels; VTL Tiny Triode monos for the 4-inchers; a Velvet Touch 6BQ5/EL84 stereo amp for the JBL super-tweeters; White Labs 20-watt solid-state monos for the Raven ribbons. Add five dedicated 20-amp lines, a modified Marchand XM 126 active 3-way tube crossover, an Intrinsic Sound solid-state active bass network controller; a battery power supply and capacitor filter bank; Audio Magic Clairvoyant and Illusion cabling. Did I mention a liberal sprinkling of semi-precious stones said to absorb high-frequency energy fields; paper-like sheets of Stillpoint ERS cloth; Audio Magic Stealth and Mini Stealth conditioners; and various other custom touches? Now I did - mention them all. I think. There just was too darn much to keep track. And, we haven't even hit the source component corner yet.
Scaling the heights
PSEs and KR Audio Antares on top shelf; White Lab monos and Marchand electronic xover below The lower two shelves with Stealth conditioners and various tube amps
Battery Power! One of the Antares SETs
One Velvet Touch EL-34 mono
The Velvet Touch EL-84 amp
VTL Tiny Triode
One White mono with crystals and capacitor bank

Back in the crib, dig the front end. Note the presence of CD, SACD/DVD-A (the latter via a Sony S9000 ES universal player), vinyl and recordable CD media. Jerry has some vein-poppingly heretical things to say about vinyl and digital. Considering that he plays with a $12,000 Mitchell table and Koetsu Rosewood cartridge, he's more than entitled to strong opinions backed up by solid experience. Experience which, incidentally, vindicates Michael Fremer who'd made some comments in Stereophile that raised blood pressures with certain readers, popped a few gaskets in subsequent exchanges and set new records for incredulity, hate mail & media racism.
CEC and Audio Magic Stealth Kukama DAC
The source corner within reach of the leather couch
Now THAT's a digital cable
The CEC belt-drive transport battleship
The final custom Kukama boards
Mitchell turntable and CD library
Vinyl lust close-up
Sony twin CDR recorder