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Pure's i-20 is a "next generation digital iPod dock that produces hifi quality audio from high bit rate tracks on your iPod or iPhone by extracting the raw digital audio and processing it on the dock itself." Besides an onboard 24/192 Cirrus Logic 4353 DAC with claimed 105dB S/N ratio which outputs 2V via standard stereo RCAs, the i-20 also outputs digital signal via optical and coax and video in three flavors - YPbPr component, composite and S-Video (component via the included adapter cable).

For all of $99 it even includes a credit card remote with CR2025 battery. Docked iDevices get charged automatically of course and a 7.5V DC power supply is included. Dimensions for the Pure i-20 are 117 x 135 x 75mm HxWxD, weight is 225g (add 22g for remote, 120g for SMPS).

Just a few weeks ago I'd featured Cambridge Audio's forthcoming iD100 and wished that someone came out with a compact digital-direct iPod dock which included a DAC. Now here it is. For the money you'd obviously expect to do lots better with an outboard DAC. And that's what those digital outputs are there for. But to get started, the i-20 will have you covered and outperform the iPod's own analog outputs if for no other reason than beefing up the output voltage.

Now there's one less reason to pretend iPod & Co. can't be audiophile-approved sources; or play coy getting on with it because the cost of admission for 'converting' an iPod is too high...
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