Impressive activity and successful marketing were demonstrated by Schiit, a US brand with almost everything in their lineup excluding, for now at least, only analog sources and speakers. At MHES 2017 the brand's Russian office presented several new models and a pair of fascinating systems featuring high-quality Aurender digital sources. In one of the systems an Aurender N100C transport sent data to Schiit's Gungnir Multibit DAC, Ragnarok integrated amp and Sonus Faber Olympica 3 speakers...

... whilst the second fully balanced system started with the Aurender N10В source, continued with Schiit's Freia preamp (passive mode, transistor or valve outputs), new Vidar power amps in high-power bridged mode and Sonus Faber Amati speakers. MHES guests also saw the new Schiit models Eitr, a USB-to-S/PDIF converter, the Jil ADC (for high-quality vinyl ripping) and the Loki tone control.

CTC Capital showcased a lot of audiophile devices from its distributor portfolio and assembled two complete systems. In one of them Musical Fidelity components including the Nu-Vista 600, a brand new integrated amp, worked together with Audiovector SR6 speakers...

... whilst the next room had a high-tech TAD system make music with CE-1 monitors and the new ME-1 bookshelf speakers, demonstrating outstanding sound when playing back hi-res audio.

In the RТAudio suite a system featuring beautifully lacquered D15 speakers and the new integrated УИ-102 amp used an Esoteric PD-10 as source. This system, well capable of reproducing CD, demonstrated excellent value.

Year after year Valankon manifest well-balanced three-dimensional sound. This year Valentin Kostin introduced a few new Valankon speaker models: The Two (two cabinets per channel for separate bass enclosures) and the MC 07 active monitors.

At the event Emotiva from the US and Magnat from Germany were the two 'shock' brands from Simple Distribution. They based one of their audiophile systems on a source and amplification by Emotiva and speakers by Magnat.

Another very efficient setup had a Lyngdorf TDAI-1270 integrated amp work as preamp into Parasound A21 stereo power amps driving Yamaha NS5000 speakers in bridged mode.

A high level of musicianship was demonstrated by the Milky Sound systems featuring a digital transport and DAC from Korea's Waversa Systems plus digital gear from Romanian Rockna Audio into the Israeli open baffle PAP Quintet 15 speakers with Polish Cube Audio widebanders. Among their qualities worth mentioning was the ability to create most coherent imaging and excellent stereo panning.

Krutitsky Hall was filled with exquisite sound from the Tchernov Audio specialists. The exposition was dominated by Wolf von Langa Audio Frame Chicago speakers and the uncompromising Tchernov Audio Apollo DAC designed by Dmitri Andronnikov. These components were connected by matching Tchernov Cables widely known outside Russia which here unveiled a lot of their new models. While presenting the new Apollo DAC these products were discussed with Andronnikov, the company's chief engineer, and Mr. Tchernov himself.

In the Nikitsky 12, Vinyl Gallery, Vinyl Bazar and Laser CD suites one could find LPs for beginners as well as experienced collectors. The choice was truly huge, with something for every taste and budget: true rarities, original UK and US records, exclusive editions from Italian Fone company, limited and unique releases plus Russian Melodiya LPs and new vinyl reissues.

According to the MHES organizers, this year's edition was visited by 2'900 people. The number of regional guests increased by 48% and geography of attendees stretched to the Urals and even Siberia. By now one can state that this is no longer a regional show but one which attracts global support from many manufacturers abroad.

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