The culmination of our brief but intense time in Granada was a 22:30 tour of the Alhambra. Of itself, it of course had nothing to do with hifi. But since Kroma Audio work right in its mighty shadow, their two owners and products are clearly imprinted by breathing the very same lemon-scented air and cultural milieu.

These are views over the city from a restaurant situated right at the Alhambra's base.

Here we see the city as viewed through a wall opening of the Alhambra looking at the famous Sacromonte caves.

What follows are various shots taken during our night tour. It's best to let these photographs speak for themselves.

Adding themselves to Artesania Audio, Vibex and Wadax, Kroma Audio are Spain's latest and newest hifi firm specializing in very upscale artisanal audio products. In more ways than one, these are true Flamenco speakers. Cheers to their launch and best wishes for much future success.