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Log on to Say you added Karim Baggili into their search engine. VoilĂ .

Say you clicked on this album cover. VoilĂ . Do some listening of full tracks.

Say you wanted to buy the digital album. Presto. Name your price. Don't be a cheap ass. Musicians gotta eat too!

Don't fret that you don't yet see selectable file formats. That happens after you've paid. Apple users will be happy to note that ALAC is available. Files download zipped to save time. OSX unzips them automatically. Afterwards a simple drag'n'drop imports them into iTunes complete with cover art. Because bandcamp pays their artists directly, a loaded shopping cart can't be checked out at once. Unless you buy multiple albums from the same artist, each transaction is handled individually. To avoid reentering your personal payment information, use PayPal to retrieve it automatically. And that's it. Go buy some new music. Don't think. Just do it!