In traditional Martial Arts, a dojo is the place of practice where the sensei instructs his students. In Zen Buddhism, the Roshi's residence in the monastery becomes the Zendo, the place of inner practice. To be accepted into a dojo or monastery requires commitment, sincerity and, above all, ongoing and serious practice.

Mutine, audio importer, has been quietly fanning a mutiny by assembling a small team of exclusively home-based 'audio senseis' to reintroduce into audio retail the traditional values of Budo which permeate the Martial Arts. The folks selected for inclusion in Mutine's list of Audio Zendos are neither new to audio nor the Mutine brands and are thus felt to be ideally suited to make superior demonstrations in finely tuned systems set up in comfortable home environs. Present Audio Zendos or outposts in the anonymous wilderness of the
Internet are situated in Montreal, Gatineau/Quebec, Toronto, Edmonton, Austin and Dallas.

To learn about the offerings and individuals representing them, visit the Mutine website and download the Audio Zendo pdf file.

Dare one assume that the values of no service, low-ball box moving and bad advice are not part of the Audio Zendo credo? Zen masters were known to whack their disciples with the big stick. Ditto for Kenpo senseis. Best not to visit any of these folks if all you intend is to waste their time, then google to buy Mutine stuff from some hard-pressed online discounter. Oh wait, aren't Audio Zendos the only places where Mutine gear is sold? It would only make sense, wouldn't it? Instruction, integrity, service, quality. Or bank on AudiogoN instead...
Mutine website