While in the pages of the hifi press the Battle of the Aluminators wages fiercely between Magico and YG Acoustics, a new player from Barcelona hasn't gotten the attention they deserve in this war on vibration. Enter ADN and their break-up matrix of integral scattering surfaces inside their enclosures. Unlike Eventus from Italy who accomplishes something very similar in MDF, ADN has gone solid aluminum.

Actually, not altogether solid as this photo shows. The stacked slivers whose profile resembles a figure 8 sport hollow walls which are to be filled with lead shot and sand. Even prior to that, this model already weighs in at 101.41 lbs - at the modest dimensions of 225 x 573 x 364mm. Abraham de la Rosa, ADN Acoustics' manager, put it as follows: "The patented ADN chamber is at the heart of all our Innova Series speaker models. It is a multi-reflective geometry which attenuates standing waves by intense diffusion whereby every wave is split up into three parts on average for an attenuation on the order of 8.000 million without any internal damping. If our ADN chamber is the heart of the project, the brain is our ADN crossover designed by our engineers and constructed entirely by Mundorf. This essential part of the loudspeaker is placed in a chamber specially isolated from the sound pressure inside the speaker to avoid any form of contamination. The final structure has chambers in the walls for further damping. If we have the heart and the brain, the legs are absent. The magnificent ScanSpeak Illuminator Series drivers in our enclosures work to more than 120% of their specification which led ScanSpeak to incorporate certain modifications for us. This is what we do at ADN Acoustics. The premier presentation of our technology and the Innova Series took place January 7 at the Las Vegas CES. The next appearance will be at ABC Audio in London, then Hong Kong to introduce our new Column and Secret models."

This seems an altogether more sophisticated approach than even Magico's much-publicized Q-Series bracing. The proof is in the listening of course. On specs, this particular ADN model promises 34 - 22.000Hz bandwidth and 88.5dB sensitivity. Finish options include power coating, liquid coating and metallic coating.
If aluminum as a building block material is as superior as Alon Wolf and Yoav Gonczarowski would have us believe, I wager an educated guess that the new boys from Barcelona have some heavy hitters on their hands...

ADN Acoustics website