In the box and inside that box.

Inside that box in the box in the box.

With what presumably includes on-chip voltage regulators though their markings have been removed, clear centre stage of the Recovery's small PCB which rides a groove of the cut chassis extrusion is the Crystek CCHD-575 series ultra-low phase noise oscillator. It's the new clock reference for the USB transmission.

For size, the Recovery is exactly half an original Astell&Kern AK100 though just a bit thicker. The wall wart with interchangeable plugs is a 100-240V/0.5A input, 9V/1.3A output Chinese affair. With that, our product intro wraps. Time to lay on ears for a noise and jitter healing in hopefully full-on Marvin Gaye style.

Bump and grind? More like bumped off. Upon connecting the Recovery to my Win7/64 PC, Windows auto-searched for and installed a driver, promptly informing me a few seconds later that my device was ready to use. The list showed "Eversound ES3", my trusty Swiss active speakers with USB DAC. It also showed "USB 2.0 Hub" and "USB Composite Device". Presumably the Recovery was one of those. It still failed to show as a selectable device in the control panel's sound window. Hence it was a no-show inside Tidal and JRiver Media Centre too. I couldn't set either to see it. They remained fixated upon the Eversound who felt very special for it. Just so, Tidal would actually briefly play via the Wyred only to be bumped off quickly by silly things like executing a screen capture whilst it streamed. Now it'd not return to the table for the same boot-up session. JRiver was more taciturn. It refused altogether. The moment I removed the Recovery, sound returned for both. Wasn't this supposed to be a plug'n'play design?

I logged onto Wyred's website. It listed no device driver. I downloaded the manual. Aha? Instead of connecting their short cable between Recovery and DAC, I'd connected it between PC and Recovery. I couldn't see why it'd make a difference but reversed my setup. This caused instant steady-state whine on the line, then white noise when I hit 'play'. Looking in Window's sound window, the Eversound remained selected but didn't play while both lights of the Recovery were green for go. "Do you by chance have a USB cable without +5v line? That's needed for proper detection on the Recovery's front side. To your computer, the Recovery looks like any other USB port. It will expand its connection points through the device with the drivers it already has. No drivers are required for the Recovery to work. However, some drivers may require the device to be connected as it is going to be used when drivers are installed (those that need the device plugged in during installation are the only ones I’ve seen like this)."

Whilst my Curious Cable from Down Under doesn't disconnect the +5V line, it does run its power leg as a physically separate mini coax off single plugs on either end. Where my red KingRex double-header USB cable on the iMac needs two USB ports on the send end, the Curious does not. Still, perhaps it wasn't 'normal' enough? In went the French Esprit from their Eterna range in on review. Instant gratification!

This wasn't the first time I'd seen how finicky USB can be about exactly how a specialized cable executes its ground. In Switzerland, I once had a cable maker bring 10 different versions of a double-header prototype. Two or three of them worked on my music iMac, the others did not. Being in instant business now by swapping out a more unconventional Curious Cable solved my issue. TIme to move on. Our anecdote is just for those who encounter similar incompatibility. It also taught us that the Recovery needs to see +5V come in.

Just when I tasted peaches and cream, a quick "eck" killed the sound. Tidal refused to play again. Launching JRiver, it did, too. Did work on my PC in Photoshop and DreamWeaver send the occasional 'spike' across the computer's USB tree? Without the Recovery, my audio connection had never been sensitive before. Now it acted as though it was. Did I have to explore different USB ports on my PC (one on a lower 'branch' of its tree perhaps?) to hit upon one more immune to getting whacked? Was it another reason like an intermittent plug connection? I could just stop the multi-tasking and listen to music, period. So that's what I did. What a concept.