Reviewer: Edgar Kramer 
Financial Interests: Click here 
Source: AMR CD-77.1 CD player, MacBook with BitPerfect player and AIFF files 
Preamplifier: Supratek DHT Reference with Bendix rectifier tube; NuForce P9, NuForce P20, DEQX PreMate 
Amplifier: NuForce Reference 18 monoblocks; Parasound Halo JC 1 monoblocks 
Speakers: Wilson Audio Specialties Alexia 
Cables digital: Cerious Technologies; Harmonic Technology Magic; NuForce digital cables; ZenSati Seraphim; analog interconnects: Bocchino Audio Morning Glory; Cable Research Laboratory (CRL) Gold with Bocchino XLR and RCA; Cerious Technologies; DanA Digital Reference Silver; Eichmann eXpress 6 Series 2; ETI Quiessence Reference; Exakte IC; Harmonic Technology Magic and Truthlink Silver; MIT Giant Killer MPC; NuForce IC-700; PSC Audio Monolith AG; PSC Audio Pristine R30 Ribbon; ZenSati Seraphim RCA & XLR; speaker cables: Cerious Technologies; ETI Quiessence Reference; Exakte speaker cable; MIT Giant Killer GK-1 loudspeaker cables; NuForce SC-700; ZenSati Seraphim; power cords: Cerious Technologies AC; Eichmann eXpress AC power cables; Exakte AC; Harmonic Technology Fantasy; PSC Gold Power MKII; Shunyata Research Diamondback 
Stands: SGR Signature racks 
Sundry accessories: Blue Horizon Spike Shoes; Burson Audio Buffer, Bright Star Audio IsoRock Reference 3 and BSA IsoNode feet; Bocchino Audio Mecado isolation diodes; Black Diamond Racing cones; Stillpoints E-Loops; Stillpoints ERS paper in strategic positions; Shakti On Lines; Densen & IsoTek CD demagnetizer; Auric Illuminator CD Treatment 
Room size: 6.4m wide by 7.1m long with high ceiling and narrow cavity behind speakers. Room has been professionally measured and found to be extraordinarily flat and neutral 
Review component retail: AU$5'800/pr basic model; various finishes and other options available at extra cost

As much as I enjoy reporting on and reviewing products from the big and glamorous names of the industry, it’s the niche-within-a-niche discoveries that provide me with a wakeup call in terms of the passionate endeavours of small cottage operators. In what could be akin to marketing inside anechoic chambers, these small players usually begin operations by commercializing a product or two that were the result of highly developed craftsman skills or a love for design, a passion for music, demands from friends - or all of the above.

One such pleasant surprise discovery are TC Loudspeakers, a small cottage company run by principal and designer Tony Caloia who started operations around 2000. TC Loudspeakers operate from the beautiful coastal town of Forster, a location where, coincidentally, I spent many a family holiday. Coastal wind-blustered cafes and casual restaurants line the absolutely stunning beaches that actually continue north and south all along Australia’s east coast.

As conducive as the idyllic location is to recreational activities of the outdoor type, Tony Caloia pursues a more indoor endeavour. He produces quality loudspeakers as conduits to his love of music whilst his equally fervent love of natural timbers and his remarkable woodworking skills see him create bespoke designs in a multitude of stunning solid wood species. Caloia can truly be called a master craftsman when it comes to the construction and finish of his creations. He’s acquired the CNC routers and woodworking machinery to practice his art and construct bespoke cabinets for all of his TC Loudspeakers designs. As they say, the images posted to support this review do not do the speakers justice, such is the beauty of the wood and excellence of its finish. The TC-Towers 2 speakers under review were absolute stunners.