Anton's power products—a small AC distribution block and a power cord—encode the electrical currents running through them with new information. This enters the electrical field via a small replaceable card that gets clipped to the device. Different cards with different programming alter the results. For the room and speaker versions, the passive amplification/transmitter medium for the card's coding is a wooden puck of undisclosed makeup. A little marker on it signifies the direction it's supposed to be turned. It's to be placed either under/behind the speakers for the Clavis Speaker; or between them at ideally 70cm height for the Clavis Room. For musical instrument treatments, Anton's cards clip to the instruments via wooden interfaces. Singers clip their card to a bra or undershirt. If we've lost you now with condescension or a dismissive voodoo boo, you've likely never looked into the water crystal photos of Masaru Emoto. If you had, you'd know that water reacts to being shown certain words like 'love' or 'hate'. In response, it either forms gorgeous geometric crystals; or badly deformed ones. There's a physical reaction to an energetically charged message that's encoded in the written word. It makes one appreciate how thoughts are things. They program limitations or attract blessings. Think of the crippling effects of doubt, shame, self loathing, unworthiness and other negative beliefs which hold all of us back. Then think of the feedback loop of love, joy and being at peace. It attracts good things to happen on their own accord. Clearly the material world intersects with invisible energies of infinite bandwidth. Just because we can't see or measure them doesn't mean they don't influence us. If and when someone discovers a new way to harness such influence—in our case, make electricity or oscillating air behave different—it may seem like magic; or bullshit. Often that's lack of understanding how it works. Or, it's lack of empirical evidence, the kind that has experimented long enough to know that if you do 'x', 'y' happens. That's effective even without understanding the exact mechanism or cosmic law behind it. Having started by tuning musical instruments, then progressed to tuning actual singers (!), Anton now applies the same tech/magic to hifi. He claims it to be stunningly effective. Reader DHTRob emailed me in complete agreement. He demanded that I be curious. So I was and here we are, knee-deep in cacamamie already before we take another step.

The open-minded reader may just concede that electrons or a room's air molecules may be subtly influenced or programmed; and that a physical object—here a Spatium device—could inject that information or coding to make an audible difference. Perhaps crushed quartz crystal in the wood bodies or metallic filter boxes acts as the holder/transmitter of said information? Which begs the question. What is the programming? Rolled up inside Tibetan prayer wheels are long strips of written prayers believed to be activated when a passerby spins the wheel. Magic spells often include written instructions or incantations. Positive thinkers pin a sign above their work table with a command du jour: "Winning" (Charlie Sheen during his tiger-blood era). A string of computer code contains precise executable instructions. What about Anton's cards? Do they hide a little "please sound better" note in neat penmanship? A more forceful "you bloody well make your owner happy or else"? That might be the facetious man's ridicule even though water programming can be just that simple. For our tuning devices, we assume something more specific. Still, what's the message? How is it communicated? How can Anton program a custom card for a specific system/component without precise owner instructions on what they wish changed? What if an owner can't verbalize what's wrong; or what's causing the ailment? Would Anton decide on their behalf? Is there only one kind of better he can achieve, making owner feedback unnecessary? With just one type of better, how do customized cards figure?

As consumer by proxy, part of my role is asking questions which I expect potential buyers to have. These were some of the questions I came up with. Would Anton divulge anything of note? He was under no obligation. Neither are you, to buy his stuff or believe a word of this. My assignment hopes to bridge these poles and indulge personal curiosity. As a former clarinet player, mine was piqued by professional musicians using Anton's tech. That's a powerful endorsement. Artistic not laboratory focus probably lives happily without scientific how. Musicians will simply get busy creating more music whilst enjoying that they sound better. On a whole, audiophiles fancy deeper tech talk. Here I found the notion intriguing that the word 'conditioning' in power conditioner might imply re-programmed electrons. We tend to think of those as servile little automatons. Yet already HF circuit trace designers know that they prefer smooth curves, not right angles. Electrons with preferences? Numerous manufacturers invoke nano this and quantum that to insinuate that electrons can be steered—programmed?—to move in a more orderly efficient manner and display less chaotic behaviour with fewer collisions. Anybody out there? Waaay out there?

"Perfect. You hit the core. I will send you the Crystal Clear Filter with US connectors and the Clavis Speaker/Clavis Room. To make specific cards for the review, I need to know exactly what gear you will use. I will also send you general cards so you can hear what the benefits are of the specific ones." Q&A time. "How do you customize cards based on a gear list? You can't possibly know all the equipment. Do you go by basic categories like turntable, DAC, preamp, integrated, amp, tubes, transistors? Do you look up specs? If so, which ones matter for your purposes? What does your customization consist of, exactly? Presumably the instructions on the cards differ but what do they say?" His response: "No, I can't know all the gear on the planet. Plus, a filter for an entire system would never be absolutely exact. So I speak with my customers about the weak parts of their systems. I also have customers with mixed setups to consider their preferences. Exact would be a filter block with different modules and a dedicated chip per power socket (prototype below). In this way, a system filter becomes more specific and truly takes the sound to the limit. I will consider all the gear from your equipment list on the website so you can mix as you like. The benefit of a customized chip for a singer or violin is always greater than with electronic gear, filter block excepted."

I still was a total blank as to the language Anton's programming used. Computer programmers run alphanumeric code to map instructions that lead to specific actions. Genetic programmers use the DNA sequence, that is the chemical language of proteins and molecular links. Mental programming uses words plus emotions. "I'm worthless" links up to specific memories of failure. Those trigger emotional reactions which reinforce the mental pattern in an endless loop. The language of yantras is geometry and colour. A scientist might call mathematics the language of the stars. Musical instructions are notated as clefs, staves, notes, beats, pauses, ligatures and so forth. How did Anton's cards instruct electrons and air molecules to fall into a different more harmonious or efficient alignment? To protect his IP, Anton wasn't willing to disclose more. Here's what some competing AC tuning products say: "the QKOIL QK1 AC Enhancer uses a load-resonating coil (LRC) to generate a passive electronic field that has a beneficial sonic effect on the AC current. Or, "the Qv2 works directly on the AC line, introducing a carefully calculated range of pulsed frequencies clocked from the original 50 or 60Hz wave form" (NordOst).

Audio Magic apply their own 'Pulse Gen Tech'. Synergetic Research treat conductors with super-high voltages sourced from a Tesla coil, claiming permanent changes to their conductive material. Cryogenics expose materials to extremely low temperatures to realign their molecular matrixes. Stein Music remain tight-lipped but offer various Harmonizers to treat/condition a room's air. Jack Bybee's 1/f filters are repurposed from military research and yet another 'mysterious' tech app relative to electrical currents. Manufacturers of such devices find themselves in a pickle. Divulge all—which might include outlandish theories in the absence of a solid grasp on the Physics behind a given discovery—and you invite not only copycatters but risk looking like a charlatan. Offer no explanations whatsoever and risk not distinguishing your product from the rest. Many adopt a middle ground. One remains suitably vague to elude ridicule but still tantalizes with soft lingo like quantum tunneling, nano tech, military-grade, used by NASA and such. Despite plenty of vagueness, our presentation signed off by Anton has left that safety net. Of course it's not that long ago that cryogenics and wave treatments invited widespread derision. Today, getting frosty or tanned if you're a metal is all perfectly good science.