Squeezetight. With the sMS-200ultra plugged into our TP-Link router via CAT5 cable, I launched Eunhasu, set our Aqua DAC as output device, then looked for the contents of the connected drive. Given its library size, the rescan should have taken minutes but only took a split second. LMS couldn't see the folders. Was the 7V setting of the external PSU insufficient to properly power the drive via USB? Or could LMS not read an iTunes library?
Whilst waiting for the distributor's time zone to go daylight, I thought of using one of my already loaded memory cards. Alas, the tight cluster of USB i/o on the back of the sMS-200ultra meant that the USB/SD adaptor ran right across the USB output to the DAC. One would need a cabled card reader like this Rocketex. Not having one on hand, I instead dropped a few albums to a 16GB thumb drive which netted sound in a jiffy.
Setting this playlist on endless loop, I learnt that it kept playing throughout the night even though the computer was turned off. Having been given the endless repeat instruction, the Eunhasu interface didn't have to stay live. Given the plainness of the Logitech Media Server interface, I understood why SOtM's generic recommendation is for Roon. Anyone used to at least iTunes would find LMS too drab and last century.

Here we see the LMS interface, with the initial contents of the Kingston thumb drive at left, one of its album imported to the playlist at right; plus an overlay to show the inserted thumb drive and why a standard SD card adaptor would interfere with the power umbilical and outgoing USB cable. The bonsai-audio concept makes for limited real estate.

The real question had to be how its sonics would compare to our Soundaware SD card reader/network player; and our customary music iMac. To keep the latter unaffected by Internet access, I controlled the sMS-200ultra from my HP Work Station on the desktop instead. With networked audio, any device that's online can become the controller as long as there is a user interface. With Eunhasu's browser window, that's guaranteed.