"If you are looking for cables to add colour or flavour to your system's signature sound, then our cables are not your best bet. If you on the other hand desire a reference cable to last you a lifetime of component upgrades, that will enable you to focus on the true ability of your setup, then Skogrand cables are the only real alternative in today's market. You can't afford to choose anything less than Skogrand Cables."

Later I asked Knut what he thought about cable believers or disbelievers. "I do not ‘believe' in anything in audio. It's a matter of measurements, acute listening and tests with countless setups and configurations. We're in the fortunate position of being able to deliver the most effective signal conduits in the global market when it comes to signal perseverance and speed. They are also the cables with the least distortion and the most neutral, natural and dynamic presentation of the signal that goes through them. No colouration, no masking. Just unmatched performance, pure and simple."

Can you give us more technical detail about your cable?
• 4 x 24 AWG UP-OCC solid core copper wires

• The wires float in air all the way throughout the cable length, making it the only true air dielectric construct on the global market.
• PFA framework components
• Less stored static charge
• Supreme solid core cable flexibility and ease of handling/connecting
• Superior impact strength
• 4.45 times higher dielectric strength
• More accommodating inner framework
• Ultra low-K material inner framework
Wires scanned to eliminate any grain borders ensuring that every wire length of each cable consists of only one copper crystal
• All inner framework materials scanned and freed from impurities
• All wires matched for exact similarity of size and performance
• Rhodium-coated UP-OCC XLR and RCA connectors.

After all my questions and approximately 100 hours of burning in, I was ready to be the critic. During the first 200 hours, the Skogrand Beethoven was a bit lean and very detailed and bright compared to my Acoustic Revive and even Ear Stream interconnects. This made me yet more concerned about its spectacular price tag. Whether it was over my ATC SCM 40 Mk.2 speakers or Harbeth SHL 5 Plus, the sound was not what I sought or expected. First I blamed my setup. The total value of my ATC SCM40/SIA2-150, Harbeth SHL5 Plus, Ayon Spirit Mk3, Aqua HiFi LaScala Mk2 and Auraliti PK90 was nearly on par with one pair of Beethoven interconnects. It had to be my system which the finger ought to be pointed at. But, my humble experience always says that expense comes later. If a component is good, it ought to be good, period. Comme il faut! It was that simple.

After 200 hours, good things started to arrive and the Skogrand Beethoven showed up in earnest. To me, that wasn't about trying to make an impression. Actually, it was a kind of vanishing act. What does that mean? For example, the Acoustic Revive cables reproduce my recordings (which I recorded myself) with a hint of warmth and lots of body. The Ear Stream cables make them airier but usually cause me discomfort in the upper registers. With Skogrand on both my ATC and Harbeth boxes and later the Fostex GX100Ltd, my tenor sax had more musical information of brassy shimmer with no edge. Our talented Turkish jazz player Kaan Mete's guitar had texture and body in the midrange and nice extension in the treble. I wanted for no liquidity, pitch definition or dynamics.