"So what I have wanted to create is cabling that is so utterly true to its source or the components it connects that they alter or diminish the signal to the least degree possible.
The initial thought was that complicating the cable construct was to complicate the signal path. To let it pass unaltered would mean to put as few hindrances in its way as absolutely possible. That way you may truly distinguish what each and every component of your setup is capable of - which parts of your audio chain deserve to be cherished and kept as cornerstones and which components need an upgrade or replacement. When as a listener and/or a performing musician you no longer have to suffer from cabling distorting the full capabilities of your setup or performance, you are free to refine and distil experience.

"We wanted to push past the limits of signal transfer speed and signal preservation that was already lined out by our other cable models. With the work already put into our other models, we knew there were ways to push performance even further. With the Beethoven cables, we have gone even further than with our previous cable models in stripping away obstacles in the signal path. Simplicity at this level is an extremely time-consuming and costly process that has landed us substantial funding from several government branches. Energy and signal transfer at these speeds and with this accuracy is a way of ‘stepping aside’ or ‘getting out of the way’ in any audio chain. It has been my biggest goal for many years and it is a truly gratifying experience that working together with an international team of highly skilled artisans and scientists as well as musicians and audiophiles from all over the world have enabled us to realize this goal."

But what about that price? Didn’t he think $22’000 for a pair of interconnects was expensive? “We sell performance. Our customers are well aware of this fact by now and realize that our pricing reflects the performance that our cables deliver. We are the only manufacturer in the market that makes this level of performance obtainable at all. Our customers know the value of this and are as such, are appreciative for what our products have to offer. All our cable models are named after well-known composers. When looking for a name that would best suit our top of the line cable model, our choice was Beethoven. His musicality is beyond question. His ability to create works based on strictly following the rules of composition and yet expanding these into something larger than the individual components is striking. His mastery of both the complex and simple, the balance of the components through multiple layers of intertwining melodies working sublimely together.

“Beethoven is known throughout the world for his phenomenal compositions; but also for being almost completely deaf while creating some of his greatest works. The signature trait of the Beethoven cable model is its ability to convey musicality, to be silent and let the connected components sing only restricted by their own limitations. To let all other noise be blackened out to give every nuance of the music room to blossom to their fullest. Breathing life into the music by giving it a perfectly quiet background. Skogrand Cables is a small company located in the mountain hills of Norway. In this serene and tranquil environment, we manufacture audio cables with the support of several key branches of the Norwegian government due to our product’s market-leading signal-transferring capabilities. You will find Skogrand cables in the reference setups of reviewers and dedicated audiophiles all over the world. Spearheading signal transfer speed and efficiency globally – delivering pure audio joy.
Our Beethoven cable model is a manifestation of our ultimate efforts to build a cable line that stands firmly above any competing products. When you buy a Beethoven cable, you may rest assured that it will bring out the full performance of your connected components like no other cable in the market. Adding nothing, leaving you only with the pure truth about your other components. In this respect, our cables are a valuable tool to any music and audio lover who strives to build their reference setup. With Skogrand Cables, you can only go in the right direction – an invaluable asset in your quest for your personal audio Nirvana."*

* The reader might wonder why we allow such marketing copy inside a review. I usually would edit it out but in this instance decided to let it stand as submitted whilst pointing out the obvious: statements like "globally best" and "only one to market" aren't verifiable and as such shouldn't be made in the first place. Nobody can categorically know such things for certain. For example, there are any number of air-dielectric cable designs with spacer systems of varying complexity. So are long-grain/no-grain copper cables including amorphous conductors which feature no molecular grains by design - Ed.