The 15-inch woofers like some juice behind them and I found the Parasound Halo JC1 monos to be a superb match. Neither amplifier nor speaker raised a sweat bead while pumping some serious SPL. Our neutral listening space allowed bass to surge with tight punch, thorough detail and the sort of deep reach that confirms the 20Hz in-room specification. Big bass extravaganzas like "Moma Sed" from Puscifer's V is for Vagina felt visceral and deep. The big driver is extremely adept at conveying transient attack and the sense of pace and rhythm in the bass register. It's tuneful, bouncy and musical in a sense of verisimilitude to a live performance. And the brutality of Joe Morello's "Take Five" from Morello Standard Time will nail you to the wall via the Two. This is dynamic and bass power at its most savage. But boy is it fun.

The Two manifest outstanding transient attack capabilities throughout the frequency range. Be it up top where cymbals shimmer with glossy brilliance, through the vocal spectrum where intonation parlays emotiveness or down to where the low frequencies rumble with deep and gut-thumping power. This transient ‘snap' across the mids and highs allows superb presentation of micro detail. Low level stuff is not glossed over or lost within the larger reproduction. These are factors that involve you in the musical event. The Two seem to provide all there is from the recording as long as the components upstream are appropriately adept: the minutiae that live below the enormity of the presentation; the nail on steel string, the rosin on bow, the brush of the drum stick. The Faital tweeter is a very good transducer in terms of all of the above attributes of dynamic attack, tonal accuracy, micro transient and detail reproduction. Nitpicking would simply lead me to desire a tad more extension in terms of that difficult to describe sense of air. It's the ultra extension which can provide a closer semblance of ambient/environmental information from mainly live recordings.

Like most high-quality speakers, the Two demand excellent ancillaries to convey their full performance potential. And yes, decent cable is essential too—the OTT ZenSati Seraphim is an extraordinary non-hindering conduit in our system—as these are revealing and resolute transducers. But great sound can still be achieved with moderately-priced well-engineered source and amplification. It's just that the Two are good enough to scale the echelons of the exotic stuff too. There were zero tonal imbalances through a wide variety of music genres. These speakers are tonally accurate, therefore neutral, and never displayed aggression, brightness, congestion, boomy lows nor any other tonal deviation. Well recorded acoustic instruments confirmed this across a variety of genres and artists, from the natural handling of Earl Wilde's piano in Live at Carnegie Hall, the separation and full-bodied rendition of Luc and Lagrène's synchronistic yet skillfully liberated Spanish guitars to the realistic presence of Emma Pask's heart-melting vocals throughout her Some Other Spring release.    

The care taken with in-room positioning was instrumental in allowing these big speakers to image and soundstage so as to disappear. That is quite an achievement for a large speaker with a reasonably wide baffle and square box. Room permitting—and that's consequential because imaging kings will not perform in a room with issues affecting this area of performance—these speakers will throw an enormous soundstage with instrumental and vocal images that are widely spaced and accurately placed. The depth perspective is not quite state-of-the-art here but satisfying nonetheless. But it's this controlled directivity design's width and height that are outstanding and in line with some of the best I've reviewed.

From Aussie contributor John Darko's report of The Chester Group's 'New Tech 2015' event in Sydney.

Conclusion. The Redefy Audio Two are true 3-way designs featuring high-efficiency drivers, an extremely well-built and finished enclosure and thorough overall engineering for what is, these days, a very reasonable $8500 asking price. Henry Kristanto had a self-imposed mandate: launch a brand of speakers offering superb overall performance at affordable prices. In this intro, I asked "does the world really need another speaker manufacturer?" Henry Kristanto's Redefy Audio's Two has answered with a blaring bugle blow. And it's a blast asserting a resounding ‘Yes!' Based on the excellence of the Two, I'd wholeheartedly agree and call this a superb addition to the local and hopefully soon global high-end speaker landscape.

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