The all-important cabinet shows equal dedication to quality and good engineering. The enclosure panels are constructed from Birch ply—considered by many to be a superior-sounding alternative to MDF—while the baffle is reinforced via a double 18mm Ply stack. 18mm MDF is used throughout for bracing. At 65kg, the enclosure is heavy. The knock test which I sampled across multiple areas of the enclosure (a ritual performed on every speaker I review), passed with flying colours. These are a very well made cabinets. The Two measures 280mm wide by 468mm deep by 1100mm high.

Kristanto has taken great care with the crossover design too and conducted extensive listening tests prior to arriving at the configuration he found to be the most appropriate. He uses film capacitors for the tweeter and midrange while the rest of the componentry is of equal high standard. Internal wiring is via good-quality Indonesian Vermouth cabling. Even the binding posts are no generic nasties and come from CMC in pure copper. Also noteworthy is the driver fastening arrangement via hex bolts not cheap Philips screws as seen on many speakers at this price point. Overall, the level of construction, fit and finish on the review samples was high, the immaculately applied 'White Birch' veneer extremely attractive. Redefy Audio quote power handling as 1'000 watts and bandwidth from 30Hz to 20kHz (down to 20Hz in-room) with an impedance of 8Ω coupled to a high efficiency of 94dB. These last two values along with well-controlled benign phase angles allow good compatibility with low-powered valve designs. However, experimentation with amplifier technology is advised. It's most plausible that full dynamic and bass control of that large 15-incher will be achieved via high-quality solid state amplifiers.

It takes Two to tango. Henry delivered the speakers to our Blue Mountains hideaway and helped with the positioning in our listening room. After some to'ing and fro'ing, the Twos ended up widely spread and hard toed towards a point a few feet in front of the listening position. Henry went on his merry way and I continued to make subtle adjustments to deal with a very subtle colouration relating to the height of my listening lounge chair. A very slight angling down (by extending the spikes at the rear of the speakers) and less abrupt toe-in (now aimed at my ears so the speakers' side panels were just visible) dealt with this issue. Lesson learnt: these speakers require precision setup and demand careful aligning of listener ear height in relation to the horn tweeters. Nonobservance of these specifics will, at best, result in not reaching the design's full dynamic and treble potential while, at worst, you'll misjudge these speakers as a result of experiencing that subtle midrange-to-treble hollowness I tuned out.

There's no denying the power and dynamic grandeur of large well-designed floorstanders. And that's what, in the first instance, grabs you when firing up the Two. By making the design and engineering decisions he did, Kristanto has wrung a thrilling sound with potent dynamic range. Australia's Backsliders are an iconic Delta Blues group featuring the accomplished Dom Turner on steel guitar, Midnight Oil master drummer Rob Hurst and a variety of special guests. On "Feeling Blue" from the band's Starvation Box release, Hurst's savage drum hits could be felt across the room in the listening position. Here the pro mid and bass drivers walloped like they were designed to do. This dynamic potency was not too far removed from my far more expensive Wilson reference speakers.