Clear message.
As a succinct communiqué to its creator's penchant for realistic dynamic reproduction, the Redefy Audio Two is a large floorstander designed to produce high SPL and full-range sound. Kristanto's other mandate—which also applies across the company's growing range of speakers—is to offer ‘high-end' sound at prices that are accessible to a wide range of music lovers. Henry Kristanto is a law graduate from Indonesia and graduated as Master of Law from Sydney University. However, since his teenage years his love of music saw him experimenting with speaker concepts of just about every design school. His first was a transmission line based on Jordan JX92 and from there he went on to build a multitude of designs encompassing 2-ways, 3-ways, widebanders, horn-loaded, open baffle, ribbon and dome-based designs and many other configurations. This bank of experience along with extremely positive feedback from fellow enthusiasts led to Kristanto launching Redefy Audio as a corporate concern.

"The Two was born because we wanted to offer an all-round high performance speaker that had great bass, great transparency and realistic dynamics without the extravagant price" said Kristanto. "We carefully simulated and carried out lots of practical listening sessions to tune the bass since we believe that the overall performance of speakers is always based on what their bass can offer. After we get the bass right, we carefully tune the midrange and treble to keep the ‘right' balance for musical enjoyment, as the voice has to be neutral and realistic and shouldn't 'shout' at you if you turn the volume up."

"The Two is not a speaker with a one-capacitor crossover even if some people think that's better. We don't pursue a certain topology or ideology to approach design. Instead we assess the simplest way to achieve our frequency response tuning goal, which includes a friendly electrical impedance and phase behaviour. We believe that these three factors will make speakers sound great with most amplifiers. The decision for Birch ply was made based on practical reasoning - to keep the total weight down and because it has a wonderful tone to it." Lastly, Kristanto offered some basic advice. "We usually recommend placement for the Two with heavy toe-in as the overall design is of uniform directivity to not have a lot of excess energy off-axis. The speakers' optimum listening window should be between 5–20° depending on system and listener preference for midrange and treble presentation. Our signature sound offers a huge soundstage due to careful parts selection and tuning of our crossovers to have the best phase coherence coupled with the very low-distortion drivers."

So the Two starts atop with a 1-inch neodymium composite compression tweeter in a deep aluminium horn flare which crosses over at 2.6kHz to an 8-inch paper cone midrange with a large ferrite magnet system. The midrange driver is contained in its own isolated sub enclosure. The Two may look like a simple 2-way from the front but its side carries a massive 15-inch neodymium magnet and paper cone woofer crossed at 180Hz which vents via a down-firing aperture. The entire driver compliment derives from high-quality Italian driver specialist Faital (via their FaitalPRO brand).